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La Vita è Bella

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Friday, at last. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, which will be probably too short (again) for my wish list of things I’d like to do: I wish for 10-hours sleep to make up for all these short nights during the week, a relaxing massage, discover some new cool music, read a book (at least a few pages), watch a Wong Kar-Wai‘s movie, go to the beach, take some nice photos (and arrange my photo-library) and try a recipe from my new Mexican cookbook …

And, if I had a house like this, I would do all this from my terrace, with a view to the Pacific, jacuzzi on, firepit on, sipping chilled wine with my boyfriend… What more can you wish for?

On the photo is Villa Cantamar, at El Rincon del Pedregal, luxury real estate development, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photo by Francisco.


  1. 1minutefilmreview

    Hi Romana, your blog is nice. We’re Wong Kar Wai fans too. The house is real nice.

  2. Sandra Draskovic

    I wish to meet my soulmate with whom I can sit on terrace and watching sunset over ocean. Amazing photos.

  3. Ulises Omar Zuñiga Garcia

    this huse is amazing

  4. M@D

    Ulises, to be sincere i think the location is great, the house, is ok, but not spectacular…. thats just my opinion

  5. poppy-petunia

    ramona we’re on the same wavelength only my place to be is alila villas.oman – very similar though

    (that heavenly place at the bottom) 😉

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