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My Night is Your Day or Ya es mediodia en China

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Today I encountered an amazing artwork of Johannes Wohnseifer that I’d love to have in my living room or working room. With it I’d be able to follow up on my friends’ days and nights all over the world.

On the large wall map of the world at Karriere Bar, the earth is defined by vertical light tubes which, by getting brighter as the sun’s position changes relative to the earth, track its diurnal rotation. This means that in the early hours you will be able to see dawn approaching and on afternoons when time seems to stand still, you will see that it is indeed progressing. The play of lights in this artwork is amazing. Or as our local TV host would say “Ya es mediodia en China”
, don’t know where they’ve got the title, but it always makes me smile.


  1. Sandra Draskovic

    super cool and friendly.love this kind of intelligent as well as pure minimalistic ideas.

  2. Sandra Draskovic

    and that Luis Chataing looks funny 😉

  3. Romana

    😀 yes, he is. the show is hillarious 😛
    and with this kind of wall i’d be able to imagine when u’re having your morning coffe, or partying somewhere downtown in Belgrade 😉

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