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Selling architecture that sells

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The Institute Big in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted its first Architectural Conference at the end of May. The theme of the event, titled ‘Selling Architecture that Sells’, was Nordic architecture and its approach to commercial structure architecture. Six architects from North Europe presented their unique views concerning the optimum relationship between commercial architecture and quality. They were thinking aloud how to create architecture, tailor-made for the customer, and at the same time avoid the common mediocre.

Ilka Terho (Valvomo Architects) presented the recently completed project, renewal of law firm office interior of the Krogerus Attorneys Ltd in Helsinki, which departed significantly from what is considered the typical image of a law office. Mahogany made place to clear cut white surfaces which tend to make a strong impression on any customer with its unique design and aggressively direct allocations.

Andrew Griffin presented a residential compound by the JDS architects in Orestad in Denmark. Balconies in form of disharmonious triangles protrude from smooth surfaces, as the bow of Titanic.

The Conference hosted as lecturers also Boštjan Vuga (Sadar Vuga arhitekti, Slovenija), Teemu Kurkela (Finland), Andreas Lyckefors (Sweden), Adnan Harambasic (Norway), and Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen (Denmark).

Large number of Slovenian architects and architecture enthusiasts who had attended the Conference proved that Slovenia is ready to meet new architectural challenges. Gorenje, international producer of high-quality household appliances with Slovenian origin, tends to support these challenges with its contribution to superlatives in design and innovative approaches.

SmarTable from Gorenje is the product whose appearance and innovative technological solutions represents new dimensions of flexibility and a real magnet for customer individuality. It had enchanted the visitors of the Observeur 08 Exhibition in the Paris ‘Cité des Sciences’, where it had been exhibited among 211 most creative and innovative products of industrial design selected by the international expert board. The exhibition was visited by over 200,000 visitors who had evaluated the exhibited products and selected those that provoked the strongest impressions. The prestigious SmarTable from Gorenje was ranked very high and took second place – this uniquely designed table with remotely controlled integrated refrigerator figures as a world innovation.

We’re looking forward to seeing and selling more architecture that sells, and me, personally, Slovenia being a part of it.

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  1. Sandra Draskovic

    I was sad when heard that Bjarke Ingels, one of cofaounder of BIG architects group, will missed Belgrade Design Week 08. Plot=Jds+Big. this is simple equation now after originally group separation. I was on time writing about VM Housing with shark-like teeths in Kopenhagen cause that was love at first sight. super post. thanx. :)))

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