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Stormy weather

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Following the storms, which were affecting the US last week, we also got a few raindrops last Thursday – something rarely to happen in Cabo at this time of the year. And on Friday, on our way to La Paz for an opening event of Villas Aguamarina in Pedregal de La Paz, we were followed by a big dark cloud above the Pacific. It looked as we’re going to be swallowed into the dark. It reminded me of good Etta James and her song Stormy weather.


  1. urbanapodgana

    o, how I love that song! Especially if it rains outside and I’m curled on a couch. I kind of enjoy summer rain.

  2. Romana

    me too. i love falling asleep with raindrops knocking on my window/roof… here in Baja this is really hard, as it rains only for 15 days a year, so for every drop i spot from the sky, i jump of joy like a little kid.

  3. Sandra Draskovic

    we’ve just had heavy summer_like_storm evening here in Belgrade and seams that sky was open for all that rainy drops to fall down and fulfill our hearts.in the morning will be less than 20C.yes!!!
    very nice photo.and scene.thanx.

  4. Romana

    brrr 🙂 you should come to Cabo, it’s aprox 32-36 already 😉
    but yeah, i miss rain… (but i know i will have plenty of it in September-November with hurricane season)

  5. Sandra Draskovic

    I glance again at your photo. It’s amazing indeed…great job… 🙂
    today 33C in Bgd.

  6. Romana

    yes, great job done by nature 🙂 thanks!

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