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We all need to escape from time to time. Be it an escape for vacations, summer retreat to your second home, for a weekend, a day, or even just for a moment, escaping into another dimension, another imaginary world, escape into dreams which give us enthusiasm and joy for life.

In Baja California Sur we have many places we love to escape to – and that’s what this magazine is all about. ESCAPES is a magazine – or better your getaway guide to Baja – which I am doing with my company Grupo Riveras.

I hope you like it. Next issue is coming out in September, your comments are welcome.


  1. JanaGitana

    uau, it seems very interested!!! I hope one of these days (i better say years) i will come to visit you!
    you did a really good job! Congratulations.
    Espero k nos vemos en Eslovenia, vale?

  2. Sandra Draskovic

    ooooooooooh. what a paradise. u have a Mediterranean sense for joy. wish u successful season.;)

  3. Romana

    @Jana – thanks! 🙂 you have to come! i’m sure you would enjoy, and i’d be happy to be your host! nos vemos en Eslovenia! 😉

    @Sandra – thank you dear. i can’t help it, Mediteranean is in my blood 😉

  4. JUST COOL Design Blog

    i need to escape to your paradise. when’s good? 😉

    btw great magazine

  5. Romana

    whenever you want Wendy! you are always welcome! 🙂

    and thanks you, i’m glad you like the magazine!

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