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Swimming with the dolphins

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There are (currently) 10,100,000 hits in Google on 100 things you need to do before you die. I haven’t made up my list yet, but, swimming with the dolphins is one of the things I warmly recommend.

I’ve always liked dolphins (remember Flipper?). While living in Slovenia, I wanted to adopt a dolphin through organisation Morigenos. Adoption of a dolphin of course doesn’t mean that you’ll have him in your bath tub or swimming pool – it means that with a small yearly fee you can contribute to the research and protection of the dolphins. And besides that you will be also able to learn more about the dolphins and their way of life, follow your dolphin in his adventures etc.

Here in Baja California Sur, living so close to the ocean, and being able to see them from Pedregal or my favorite beach in Zacatitos, I finally might adopt a dolphin. I just need to find where. You can adopt a shark in La Paz, but I still want my dolphin. Last Sunday I went to get to know them a little bit better, and see, if they are indeed as nice as they seem. And they are. I was swimming, playing (and kissing) with Monet (or shorter Mo), the dolphin from Cabo Dolphins, a dolphin center in Cabo San Lucas. If you have the chance, go swim with them… They are so soft, gentle and amazing. I’m looking forward to my friends visiting me in Cabo, as I promised I will take them swimming with Mo and his friends too.

The only things I was missing in Cabo Dolphins is a research center, or some other dolphin-firendly activities, which would enable you to learn more about them, give a contribution to research of their lives and preservation. But, I hope this will change soon too.

If you like dolphins, you might like also:

Le Grand Bleu, the movie, amazing movie by director Luc Besson, with Jean-Marc Bar and Rosanna ARquette… check the trailer

Deep Blue, the movie by BBC. They say: 80% of life on earth lives in ocean, yet more people have walked on the moon than have seen the ocean’s deepest floor.

You can see more photos of my swimming with the dolphin experience here.


  1. mic

    ojooooj. kook lepooo. zdej al si se naučila nenormalno dober delat v photoshopu al pa si doživela nekaj pravljičnega 🙂

    čist hudo. joj se mi zdi da mas tok za povedat, da bomo mogl dva termina rezervirat v suÅ¡i mami 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i likeeee…

    kdaj se vidimo?

  2. Romana

    hej mic, pravljica ti recem 🙂
    joooj, komi cakam, sushimama pa cveka cveka. neki se mi zapleta z letalsko karto, ampak kmalu pridem!

  3. Cristina

    I swam with Frida and Renoir in the past.. and both times were really amazing! They are learning new tricks, you did things that I didnt! Good for you!

  4. Cristina

    I swam with Frida and Renoir in the past.. and both times were really amazing! They are learning new tricks, you did things that I didnt! Good for you!

  5. Anabelle Rossell

    De pelos! luv the pics. I´m so convinced taht dolphin is now madly in love with you.


    its too cold up here for dolphins. we have penquins.
    i love dolphins though – and i do remember FLIPPER! i used to watch the original flipper tv series every sunday –
    whoops i guess im dating myself 😉

  7. Romana

    thanks wendy 🙂 i love penguins too. can you go see them? i watched planet earth, part with the desert & ice, and penguins. so gorgeous, and smart. i just love them 🙂

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