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Garden of unearthly delights

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DIESEL DENIM GALLERY ART EXHIBITION #9, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Timothy Saccenti from Caroline Celis on Vimeo.

THE DIESEL DENIM GALLERY AOYAMA is presenting the first solo exhibition of Timothy Saccenti: “Garden of unearthly delights”.

Tim is a notable new talent making photography and videos for people like Battles, Erykah Badu and the Animal collective. In this exhibition he will create a new series of moving images and print exclusively for the DIESEL GALLERY AOYAMA.

Here is a description of the project:

“A genesis story of meaning, existence and purpose, “Garden of unearthly delights”, follows a simple creature meandering through life in darkness, believing itself to be the only in existence. When the creature sees a mask lying in the darkness, it gains knowledge of time and space. Experiencing a moment that is different from the last sets one event apart from the next. Sensing a figure independent from its own movement allows the creature to understand its size in relation tothe world and to other things. Putting the mask on, the creature loses its blindness an sees a symbol in the sky representing purpose. The creature follows a path reminiscent of life toward the symbol in the sky. In a clearing below the light, a tree sits making an allusion to the tree of Life. In its branches hangs a starnge pod: a seed of life. A pregnant creature emerges from the darkness and performs a mating ritual with the first creature. A child is born from the creature’s realization of a perfect counterpart and an affinity towards the tree and the fruit. The desire of the creatures and the need to fulfill a pirpose begets the image of new life. As the child is born, the creatures become immune to gravity representing a contented resolution to their life and purpose.”

Some of Tim’s work:

For this exhibition as for some previous works, Tim uses objects design and developed by our friends at commonwealth, check Tim’s website clicking here

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