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24 Hours: The Starck Mix

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Seems Wallpaper has a new creative team (good!), their ideas and activities lately are very likeable and engaging. They introduced different guest editors for wallpaper.com: Selectism (17-23 Sept), Coolhunting (24-30 Sept) and Archinect (1-7 October); appointed guest editors for printed editions and do some other interesting stuff as well. This printed edition’s guest editors are Karl Lagerfeld and Philippe Starck. Couple of days ago we already shared with you an interview with Philippe Starck, and today we would like to share with you another cooperation by Starck & W.

As Wallpaper puts it: “Not content with pushing the boundaries of publishing, Philippe Starck has given us this unique soundtrack, exclusive to http://www.wallpaper.com/, www.starck.com and www.soundwalk.com, available for one month only.

24 Hours : The Starck Mix is a unique 24 hour soundtrack, selected, arranged, composed and mixed by Soundwalk for Philippe Starck. Whenever you press play, the mix will start from the exact time it is in his current time zone, no matter where in the world he is that day.
The mix can also be listened to through an iPhone application (works better on WiFi) specially created by
Clicmobile available from the app store, or you can also stream the soundtrack here.


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