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A Lamp That Folds Like an Umbrella

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The lamp is based on a simple design similar to the arms of the umbrella. But it has a flexible arms that are submitting a form shaped like a ball. Element that provides mobility is a link whose design is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese packaging. The entire form is inspired by the eastern culture, including lanterns and parasols. Because of the used material lamp gives a warm light, creating a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Lamp gently blends into the environment and becomes pleasant and useful part of the house.

The design of the lamp is based on a wooden keystone. In the middle are placed all the necessary cables and join. Between the bulb and the keystone of the knob is turned off on thread that keeps the entire structure. Attached to a wooden keystone are sixteen arms 2mm wide of a length of 60 cm each. At the end of each arm there is placed a wooden tip. Imposed on the entire structure is a natural material that is attached to the timber terminals. The ends are trimmed with a black material finish of the material. For timber terminals are attached, and strings are coiled together in a queue. The whole is mobile with a simple connector made of the wood. The connector is a small wooden rectangular with two circular holes, which stops lamp in different positions. This allows you to modulate the light intensity, which is the main function of the structure. The lamp can be used as a damping lamp light closed, and open is giving a lot of light.

Design by: Martin Bahrij

Found on: Behance Network

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