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Marble Pavillion

rp_marble-pavillion-01.jpg © 2009 admin. All rights reserved.

Our friend Dimitri Tsigos from TDC send us this images of the “construction” of their “MARBLE PAVILLION” which will be displayed this next weekend at the Interior Design show in Greece. Its a nice piece of CNC marble ribs, TDC … Continue reading

Excuses to drink (more) wine

rp_R3project-recycled-kitchen.jpg © 2009 admin. All rights reserved.

For those needing an excuse to drink more wine…. what about to include kitchen renovation into your excuses for drinking wine? R3 project by Petz Scholtus

Selling architecture that sells

rp_valvomo-krogerus.jpg © 2008 admin. All rights reserved.

The Institute Big in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted its first Architectural Conference at the end of May. The theme of the event, titled ‘Selling Architecture that Sells’, was Nordic architecture and its approach to commercial structure architecture. Six architects from North … Continue reading

90 – 60 – 90. Deliciously curvy.

maid chair © 2008 admin. All rights reserved.

Sensual curves, perfect proportions, sexy lace, fantasies beyond imagination. We all dream about that, don’t we? Maid Chair from Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc is today no longer a news, but I think it is still newsworthy. In fact, I believe … Continue reading