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¡Hola!  We are Romana + Mariano. Friends sometimes call us Romano or Mariana, and it makes us smile every time.

If you’ve been following our blog, you have probably noticed that we like good photography, design, architecture, travel, and real love.  We love capturing the beauty around us everywhere we go. Every place is an inspiration.

They say, the opposites attract, and we love to think that they attract as well as complement. He is tall and dark, and I am white and short. He has short curly hair, and mine is long and straight. He is Mexican, I am Slovenian. Like many love stories begin, we met at a bar at a birthday celebration in Slovenia, and have been living happily and celebrating life and love in Mexico since 2007.

Mariano’s love of architecture and my background as a travel magazine editor and photographer result in whimsical photographs full of wanderlust, light, colors, landscapes, lines and shapes – and most of all, a story behind it all. We love Mexico, Slovenia, Japan, and every place in between. We love traveling, exploring places, doing architecture and museum tours, we love traditions, cultures, and rituals. Donkeys, puppies, and whales are my favorite things in Baja. While Mariano loves the ocean, arid landscapes, and sustainable architecture. We enjoy “vinyl Sundays” and long Sunday mornings that last until late afternoon. Reading books, planning where will our travels take us next. We love getting lost and discovering hidden little places and nooks which ultimately make (y)our favorite photographs (and experiences!). People tell us our style is somewhere between poetry, architecture, and the eternal celebration of love and life.

We appreciate you reading these pages and following our adventures. If you like our work and would like to work together with us, be it for your wedding, personal photos, product photos, or editorial collaborations, please email us at We’d be happy to work with you!

Our Lifestyle, editorial, and wedding photography portfolio: LA76 photography

You can also browse and buy our art prints here.

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