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HORIZONS by Bruno Cals

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Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals captures buildings in São Paulo, Tokyo and Buenos Aires from a perspective that throws the viewer’s interpretation out of kilter. These architectural studies, a series called Horizons, capture a sense of the infinite, perhaps something not far from the feeling of freedom you get when you lean your head back and look up, up, up into an open-eyed dreamscape that can be described as potential.

The photographs in the Horizons series are suggestive of something beyond the record presented. The images of the buildings explore the limits of two-dimensionality, and articulate a radically different perspective on a commonplace visual scenario.  In expressing this fresh point of view, Bruno Cals has invoked contrasting themes of possibility versus impossibility, presence versus emptiness, and search versus satisfaction.

About Bruno Cals

Bruno Cals was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967. At age 19, Cals moved to Paris and began a successful career as a fashion model. At age 26 he decided that he wanted to be a photographer and returned to Brazil where he began shooting professionally. Initially a fashion photographer, Cals worked for Vogue and Elle and Visionaire. Since then, he has become a successful advertising photographer, working for the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He has won several awards, including three at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.


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