Monthly Archives: June 2008

Designer Dolls

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Have you ever bought something only because it was ‘designer’ regardless of practicality or cost? Do you faithfully attend the various furniture fairs around the world from Milan to Shanghai? Do you have a favourite designer? Do words like Icon, … Continue reading

Power to the Pedals!

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Summer is coming and our vacations in Europe are approaching. Maybe it is because of that, or it is just my mind, but I see bicycles in every magazine and every website I click on. Here in Cabo it is … Continue reading

Stormy weather

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Following the storms, which were affecting the US last week, we also got a few raindrops last Thursday – something rarely to happen in Cabo at this time of the year. And on Friday, on our way to La Paz … Continue reading

Selling architecture that sells

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The Institute Big in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted its first Architectural Conference at the end of May. The theme of the event, titled ‘Selling Architecture that Sells’, was Nordic architecture and its approach to commercial structure architecture. Six architects from North … Continue reading