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Tito Meets Penthouse

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Partying with Tito and the Penthouse Magazine Pets at the Adriatic coast. It was the 70‘s, it was Tito’s Yugolsavia and it was Bob Guccione’s dream project. *The Haludovo Palace Hotel in it’s splendor  At the beginning of the 1970‘s Penthouse Magazine owner … Continue reading

The Beauty Of Engraving

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We love digital media, but we’re still suckers for the old school printing techniques, the smell of freshly printed books, invitations, and all the flare that comes with it. See more at The Beauty of Engraving.

The Edge Effect

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In March of 2012, Daniel Kukla was awarded an artist’s residency by the United States National Park Service in southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park. While staying in the Park, he spent much of his time visiting the borderlands of … Continue reading