Late 60’s Sculptorical Shapes

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How often you find real “jewels” (as i call them) in design?, for me a jewel, might be a mix of nostalgia + kitsch + pop culture + intellectual culture + historical culture + future vision…. yes, i dont know, but something like that, today, im posting a video which get together a lot of this qualities need for me to call it a jewel.

Odd enough, we’ve been posting lately about the olympic games, and also about the graphics originated by the Olympics, mainly for London 2012 and its relationship with Mexico ’68

Lets put in the blender the next ingredients:

Mexico City
Raquel Welch
Futuristic Fashion
Tribal Music
Silly Dancing
Olympic Games
the 70’s

you wonder what you will get out of this mix?, well watch and learn, it is PRICELESS:

The location where she appears is called the “
Ruta de la Amistad” (Friendship Route) and it was a urban sculptural project developed in 1968 along 17 kms of Mexico City to conmemorate the first Cultural Olympics (realized parallel to the sport olympics), it counts with 19 concrete sculptures realized by invited artists of all continents, master planned by Mathias Goeritz (author of the Satelite towers) with the support of Architect Pedro Ramirez-Vasquez.

The sculptures featured in the video (besides Raquel) are:

*”el sol bipedo” (2 legs sun) by Pierre Sz√©keli (France)
*”se√Īales” (signs) by Angela Gurria (Mexico)
*”Mexico” by Josep Maria Subirachs (Spain)
*”Tertulia de Gigantes” (Gigants Gathering) by Joop J. Beijon (Netherlands)
*”Muro Articulado” (Articulated Wall) by Herbert Bayer (Austria)
*”Estacion 18″ (Station 18), by Jorge Dubon (Mexico)



  1. Javier

    Esta increíble amigos, que gran descubrimiento.
    La "visionaria" alta costura de los atuendos es de lo mejor.

  2. Romana

    wow! amazing!

  3. Vivi

    Debo decir que mientras veia el video me acorde de mi amigo Paris en el medusas. No se por que.

  4. Mariano

    jajajajaja, pa pa Paris en el Medussssas, JA JA JA JA! que memoria Vivi!

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