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Garden of unearthly delights

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DIESEL DENIM GALLERY ART EXHIBITION #9, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Timothy Saccenti from Caroline Celis on Vimeo. THE DIESEL DENIM GALLERY AOYAMA is presenting the first solo exhibition of Timothy Saccenti: “Garden of unearthly delights”. Tim is a notable new … Continue reading

The World of 100

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The World of 100 is a project by Toby Ng Kwong To, based on the scenario – If the world were a village of 100 people. There are a few different versions of his text in circulation about the world’s … Continue reading

China censors Ai Weiwei

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Leading Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s activism has finally provoked the Chinese authorities to act against him. His studio is being staked out by plainclothes police, and last month the artist’s popular blog on was deleted, as well as his … Continue reading


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If you are bored of your old doorbell, here a couple of fun options from the chinese designer Li Jianye who is a product design consultant at Philips Design Hong Kong…