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The World of 100

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The World of 100 is a project by Toby Ng Kwong To, based on the scenario – If the world were a village of 100 people. There are a few different versions of his text in circulation about the world’s statistics.

Toby mentions: “I found the data very striking and neatly summarises the world that we live in”.

He used information graphics to re-tell the story in another creative way. Designing a set of 20 posters, which contain most of the information, using simple vector graphics that related to a statistic in order to present the information in the simplest and most accessible way.

Toby Ng Kwong To is a graduated in graphic design from Central St. Martins, (London, 2008). He has exhibited photography and illustration work in the National Portrait Gallery London (2008 & 2004). He is currently based in Hong Kong.

visit the project website clicking here

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