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Advertising Tres Chic!

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Viva the days when advertising is not only about supersizing everything and anything, but when you actually enjoy seeing the ad or actually a short film. Where creativity has no limits and where the usual rule “make the logo bigger” … Continue reading

Excuses to drink (more) wine

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For those needing an excuse to drink more wine…. what about to include kitchen renovation into your excuses for drinking wine? R3 project by Petz Scholtus

bye bye Kodak moments

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Eastman Kodak Company announced yesterday that it will stop manufacturing and marketing of the Kodachrome, the first color film of commercial success and one of the most appreciated by professional photographers. At 74 years the Kodachrome succumbs to the advancement … Continue reading

The world is Starck's Oyster

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Philippe Starck never entertains on the half shell. Keeping up with the Starcks is nearly impossible: not at work, and certainly not at play. Even when the design superstar Philippe and his wife, Jasmine, unplug, as they do every July … Continue reading


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Very few times we post about our work, in this occasion we will show a bit of the whole image that we had developed for our buddies at a10studio, we are developing our own full website for LA76 and soon … Continue reading

(the quest for) ORNAMENT

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Chokkura plaza by Kengo Kuma and Associates Although the debate about ORNAMENT in contemporary architecture and design is a bit more complex than what we will mention here, i wanted to share this combination of works by different offices plus … Continue reading

Bechira Sorin

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Bechira Sorin is a graphic/multimedia designer, at his 30 years some might consider him a veteran of the graphic design world, judging by his work, he’s one of the most skilled person we have seen in the use of photoshop. … Continue reading