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weekend visual fix

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we checked this past weekend some nice packaging: Designed by Raw Edges | Country: United Kingdom An excellent example of structural package design applied in a functional and communicative way. “These three different milk cartons distinguish between the rates of … Continue reading

Coal Furniture

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Jim Zivic’s new coal tables, some of them coated in silicone, playing up the anthracite’s natural luster, and others left in their rough state, looking as if they’ve just exited the earth. Continue reading

Dot. Dot. Polka dot.

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Polka dots are back in ‘fashion’. Not that they were ever out. While polka dots are ancient, they first became common on clothing in the late nineteenth century in Britain. At the same time polka music was extremely popular and … Continue reading

Stay True in 2010

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New year, new decade, new wishes, new goals, new visions, new desires… In 2010 LA76 wishes you: Big thoughts translated in small actions that make a difference, every day. Commitment, care, contribution, cooperation, confidence. Knowledge. A bunch of creativity anywhere … Continue reading