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First Spring; a movie by Prada + Yang Fudong

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Inspired by the Chinese adage that “the whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring”, this bold and beautiful film (9,17 mins) represents an exciting new direction for Prada’s visual communications at the start of this decade.

Featuring young men gathered in Shanghai, dressed in Prada menswear, the black and white film portrays a timeless, dreamlike realm where anything is possible.

“First Spring” is Prada‘s latest collaboration with pioneering Chinese artist Yang Fudong.

Picture in the movie is subtle and sublime, quiet but meaningful:


  1. It’s amazing!.
    We just posted this on our blog yesterday.

  2. Bernice Franklin

    I honestly enjoyed reading your blog and set up it both edifying and interesting. I embark on be incessant to bookmark it and pop in it as large as I can.


    Bernice Franklin

  3. Sela

    nice style! i love chinese girls

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