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Inspiration Pad

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“If you’re in search of inspiration, this notepad might help.” says the headline on Inspiration Pads website.

Indeed so. If you are one of the marketing / PR / consulting guys or gals, who has always admired designers (of all kinds), who usually sit on the meetings with the client, listening and participating in conversation; and then – when you see their notes – all you can see are drawings, individual letters, geometrical objects, lines, single words, … anything that the conversation probably evoked in them. And you feel like, whoa!, i’d like to be able to have such cool notes (not to mention the mental processes behind them).

Being most of the times the “consulting part” of our LA76 duo (I am excited to have some more artsy projects on hands as well!), I have always wished that my notes looked more “artsy”. With this funky notebook I think it might be just a bit easier.

If you like Inspiration Pad (32 pages, dimensions 165 x 210 mm, soft cover) you can order it in TM Shop.

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