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Enchanting Origami World by Wenche Lise Fossland

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“It is fascinating that there is almost no limit to the shapes you can turn a flat paper into.”


Wenche Lise Fossland (you can find her on Instagram under @wenlise_fold) of Namsos, Norway, started doing origami on a family holiday in France two years ago.  She initially got interested in paper folding by a beautiful origami lamp.


When the holiday was over, Wenche Lise couldn’t stop folding.  “It is fascinating that there is almost no limit to the shapes you can turn a flat paper into.  One fold took the other and I started searching for all kinds of designs,” she remembers.  Finding inspiration in origami online tutorials, Wenche Lise adds her own touch to each piece by creating lively environments for the paper figures, usually with a humorous, unexpected twist.


“I even look at the vegetables in the grocery store in a different way now,” she says. “A fennel can be an exotic island and the broccoli has great potential to be tree material in my origami world.”


We love Wenche’s playful origami creations and her unique origami world, where she creatively places her origami into their own story, using daily objects and products like vegetables.


Follow Wenche on her Instagram here, she shares lovely stories accompanying each newly created origami world.

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