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your own collab with Joshua Davis

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Here at LA76 are big fans of Joshua Davis for several different reasons. His work as an early Flash pioneer with Praystation and he was a one of the first people to release their Flash code as open source so everyone could learn and grow from what he was doing. Some people say is great to see him speak live (we haven’t got the chance) because of his energy and that fantastic fight between jet lag and Red Bull for control of his brain (here talking at OFFF Portugal).

We not only love the look but because of play between the left brain/right brain intersection that happen when you bring art, technology and interactive together like this.

This week he took his art into a new direction with the launch of the Reflect iPhone application.
You start in Designer mode where you can choose one of his six distinct visual systems and one of ten color palettes. Then it gets really interesting because you collaborate with the application to create the final work of art.You draw on the canvas to control where symbols are placed but the application uses dynamic abstraction to select the symbols and colors so each piece is always unique. This is the type of left brain/right brain intersection we love. When you are happy with you creation you can save it to your photo gallery for various uses or put in into the Kaleidoscope view within the application.

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