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Windcuts [flickr.com] consists of various experiments that turn quantitative sensor data into visually compelling physical instantiations. Wind movement measurement data, such as wind direction, velocity and temperature, was used as the foundation to generate a 3D form, which was then … Continue reading

We Are All Animals

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We received an email by SLip, a french artist working on collage and cyanotype technic especially on his collection W3A – We Are All Animals. We liked the idea (and final result) and are happy to share it with you. … Continue reading

Dot. Dot. Polka dot.

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Polka dots are back in ‘fashion’. Not that they were ever out. While polka dots are ancient, they first became common on clothing in the late nineteenth century in Britain. At the same time polka music was extremely popular and … Continue reading

Gangs of Kabukicho by Watanabe Katsumi

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I found a post about Watanabe Katsumi on The Moment blog, really liked the imagery and wanted to share it with you… Despite recent attempts at gentrification, Kabukicho in the East Shinjuku section of Tokyo remains the city’s seedy underbelly. … Continue reading