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Garden of Eden

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December in Cabo is warm, we’re enjoying our sunny days at minimum 24°C / 75 F, and no one is complaining (although we do miss snow from time to time, i have to admit).  As the countdown to the year’s end is approaching, my list of to-do things is growing. One of the many desires i have is to decorate our home & garden. Style and decor wise, Baja doesn’t have too many things to offer, therefore internet is the best solution to get your senses full and ideas afloat.

Today i found this beautiful collection Garden of Eden, by Dutch design duo Ontwerpduo. It was a love at first sight. Simple and elegant, romantic and lovely. Perfect for my garden!

Here is how designers describe their project: Garden of eden is a set of furniture for the garden. The hanging chair can be placed in a tree or veranda, like a big birdcage. It gives you the feeling to sit in your own space. At the same time you can have contact with the surrounding because of the open structure. The chairs and table have a laser cut pattern from different items you find in the garden. The same pattern is embroidered at the pillows. The furniture can be placed in the garden as a piece of jewelry, and when you want to use it, simply add the pillows.

Garden of eden was presented first at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2009.

Some bits about Ontwerpduo from their website: “Designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders, “a dreamer and a mathematician”, complement each other well. The wild fantasy is created, and is then surreptitiously grounded by the mathlete; It’s a philosophy that seems to keep things going a bit over eccentric, and tends to generate an alluring, yet graspable charm.” I agree.

Beautiful Photography of the Garden of Eden by: Lisa Klappe. See also knotted Melati hanging chair.

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