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A View from Above: Vienna Rooftops

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When in Vienna, don’t miss a chance to observe the beautiful cityscape and red brick Vienna rooftops from some of the tallest buildings in the old town of the city.

Growing up in Yugoslavia, and later Slovenia, homes with red brick roofs meant something as familiar as eating bread or drinking water with diluted raspberry juice (malinovec). In Mexico, especially in my new home in Baja California Sur, with 350 days of sunshine all year long, red brick homes are scarce. During our road trip to Vienna, we climbed 343 stairs to the lookout point of Stephansdom or St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which brought along some nostalgia about living in Europe. All the red brick homes and buildings, lovely rooftop terraces and balconies, hidden from the street-views, rooftop gardens, rooftop bars, sky-high spots for yoga and meditation, cute little date-night niches, and more.

It might be my romantic notion of the city, but I love the perspective when you look at the city below you from one of the tallest buildings in the town. You become a silent observer of everything that is happening around you.

Be it Vienna, Paris, New York, Mexico City, Tokio, Ljubljana, or any city you wish, visit a lookout point or a rooftop bar/terrace, and enjoy those beautiful postcard-perfect views of the city. I am sure you will enjoy them!

On the photos below, see the Vienna Rooftops that enchanted us during our visit. If you’d like to buy an art print, framed art print, or some other product with Vienna Rooftops motive, please visit our product shop here.


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